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Sailing around the island

Sailing around the island

Explore Naxos infinite coastline and unique beaches

sailing at naxos

With its infinite coastline and unique beaches, Naxos is a sailors’ haven.

One can sail around the island and anchor at sheltered coves, marinas, or designated anchorages.

Sailing around the southern coast of Naxos and back – some 40 nautical miles- is fully recommended in the summer, as this site is not affected by the seasonal northerly winds.

At Chora harbor, you can anchor at the ante port, as well as on the external side of the main pier. Docking berths inside the port are few, so you would have to make it there early in the morning. Harbor Facilities for sailors (water, Mechanical and technical support, foodstuffs, etc.) are comprehensive.

You can also anchor at the following points:

1. Kouroupas cove – an open bay below the cape of the same name. The coast features several hotel units. You can anchor at the small pier, with sandy depths of 4m-6m and good holding.

Naxos island sailing holidays and yacht charters guide to yachting in the Cyclades, Greece

2. Panormos bay, on the eastern coast.

Panermos - Naxos, Cyclades Islands

3. Apollonas, a fishing village with a small harbor on the northeastern side. Its breakwater offers average shelter from northerly winds. 

4. Agia Anna cove, south of Agios Prokopios. It features a lovely sandy beach with a small pier. 

Agia Anna Naxos: A Guide to Naxos Greece's Charming Agia Anna Beach - Haley Blackall

5. Agios Prokopios beach, about 3km south of the main harbor, where you can anchor offshore It offers good shelter from northerly winds, despite the strong currents. 

6. Mikri Vigla, on the southeastern coast. A sandy beach with turquoise waters and excellent views, superb for swimming. 

Mikri Vigla Beach, Naxos

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