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Happy ever after

If you want to seal your love for your other half and for Naxos too, Skyline and our wedding specialists are here to take charge for that important day. Our experienced team is ready to decorate, cater and pamper your guests in the most lavish way.

Giving emphasis to your culture and mixing it with summer vibes, a few traditional Naxian wedding touches and Mediterranean cuisine, your wedding day will definitely be the most unique and memorable day of your life.

Invite your guests in our three villas and we will stay in contact for every small detail.

flowers on chair at the beach
naxos skyline table with sea view

special events

We take fun serious

Planning a special family reunion, celebrating an anniversary with loved ones, or hosting a unique corporate retreat? Our property includes a spacious, outdoors sitting area, grand interior as lobby, and endless gardens and vineyards. Accommodate your guests to our villas and the rest, a memorable event, is our responsibility!

BBQ nights

BBQ, Friends & Stories

A professional chef is, upon request, ready to turn a cool night into a fun night, alongside your family and friends. Taste our local meat, cheese and groceries and of course fresh fish, grilled and served by private professional chef, right in front of the pool and the night light view of Naxos town.

renting rooms with bbq at naxos