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welcome to Naxos Skyline villa


We are in a constant search for unique experiences. These are the moments that invigorate our senses, usher in a state of blissful well-being, and etch indelible memories in the canvas of our hearts, shared intimately with those we hold dear.

Naxos Skyline luxury villas in Naxos are here to create memorable experiences promising an elegant, relaxing and convenient stay. The skyline ocean view, our personalized services and our Mediterranean cuisine complete perfectly our concept for the most unique vacation one could dream 


”It’s my personal sense of luxury. As a contemporary frequent traveler, I want a villa to be elegant, comfortable, friendly, and convenient for travelers’ needs. I don’t need all that unnecessary excess and artificial service which often is associated with luxury in the traditional sense. We’re not in the business of selling rooms but providing an experience that must have an element of surprise in it.”

– Dimitris Gabras, founder of Naxos Skyline Villas

Bachelor in Finance

Master in Business Administration

English Proficiency

in Michigan

English Proficiency

in Cambridge


We love contemporary design and architecture, but we also like the classic Greek atmosphere. Aiming for that personal care and sense of quality, we constantly renew and create an environment where you feel that there is a sophisticated touch and attention to the smallest detail.

The interior is designed to create a purely Cycladic atmosphere with luxury touches in every corner, combining superior comfort with sharp, personalized and daily updated services.

about green philosophy

Nature can be the greatest inspiration in rapidly modern life and it’s our duty to maintain a sustainable way of life, as an act of respectfulness. We have always loved our land and the nature that surrounds us, a unique heritage that we all must respect and help preserve. We have always done our best to protect the environment individually or participating in “green” groups. Solar energy, rational use of water, recycling programs and a form of re-use policy are things we take seriously, from the very first moment we started building the villas. Get to know more about our policies and actions and give us your thoughts about how we could do it better.

Welcome to our luxury villas in Naxos!