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A road trip to villages

A road trip to three picturesque villages

Which villages should someone visit in Naxos


Staying in Naxos for 5-7 days and being in good company, you should definitely explore some sleepy, traditional villages on the island. Within a 16 km distance from Naxos, in the middle of the island, you will encounter 3 picturesque villages, each of which features something different and unique.

Your first stop is at a distance of 16 km from Naxos town and the village is called Halki. It’s a small village and walking along a narrow lane, you will discover a place full of sophisticated, artistic shops and of course some café and restaurants. The locals combine raw materials and elements from their tradition and heritage and create some unique souvenirs. In the heart of the village you will find the oldest “kitro” distillery in Naxos, where you could watch, first hand, the process of making that liqueur. Leaving the village, you should buy some bottles of kitro so as to remember your trip.

In the next 2,5 km, driving east, into the mountains of the island, you will see the next village, Filoti. It’s the most populated and most expanded village on the island, with many traditional events taking place during the summer. The village is located at the foot of the tallest mountain of the island, so if you are into hiking and get there early in the morning, you should give it a try. Be aware though that hiking on a mountain late at noon, might be exhausting, when you are at the mercy of the scorching sun for hours and it might also be dangerous when it starts to get dark late in the evening. For those not keen on hiking, you could get lost wandering through the numerous lanes of the village, ending up at the “Platanos Café”for a coffee or brunch.

The next and final stop for today is Apiranthos village. The name of the village comes from the words “infinite” and “flowers”, describing the diverse and green ecosystem of the village. Others call it as the “marble village” because the lane running from the entrance of the village to the end is paved with marble. When stepping along those marble streets through the village, you will see some cafes and restaurants at the beginning, castles, monasteries and museums in the middle and traditional houses at the end. The locals are cheerful and the beckon to every person who crosses their way, so you will definitely feel welcomed in that place. When it’s time for lunch, you could either stay in Apiranthos and eat at Platanos Tavern or take the road back, stopping at the well-known restaurant at the outskirts of the village, called “Rotonda”, with their gourmet dishes and stunning views.

I hope, once you are in Naxos, to decide to pay those villages a visit and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. I think exploring some villages is a good way to learn about the culture and traditions of people in Naxos.

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