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start your day, the Naxian way...

Breakfast, the most important meal of your day; we take care of it, as you gear up to take on the day. Our chef Angelo created an inspired menu, mixing a variety of local ingredient and influenced by the well-known, healthy, Mediterranean cuisine. Fruits and vegetables come directly from our gardens and ingredients such as eggs, honey and cheese from local producers. Your breakfast is our daily priority and this is why every day must be different, but also delicious.

Would you like to know more about our breakfast?

The dishes change in a regular basis, depending on the variety of foods and vegetables that are available each season of the year.

lunch & dinner

start your day, the Naxian way...

Our guests will enjoy a flavorful dinner and a unique taste experience that will make their accommodation in Naxos unforgettable!

The chef will prepare for you a traditional Naxian meal using local products of Naxos Island, such as local meat, fresh fish, local vegetables and the famous potatoes of Naxos. In addition, the traditional Greek cuisine delicacies like moussaka, pastitsio, fava, dolmadakia and many more will be available for you to taste.

You can try them in our specially decorated dining area or in one of the luxury villas for rent in Naxos from Naxos Skyline. Our Mediterranean cuisine with Naxian influences will please the expectations of our most demanding visitor!