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Discover Naxos


A trip to history…

The biggest island of Cyclades, Naxos’ rich history is told through its wealth of ancient buildings.

Over 10 must visit, archeological monuments and museums representing the culture and history of Ancient Greece!

Local experiences

A gastronomic paradise! Taste our traditional cuisine with local ingredients; Naxian potatoes, cheese, organic vegetables and fresh fish and seafood.

The picturesque traditional villages of Apollon, Potamia, Halki, Filoti, and Apeiranthos.

Frequent festivals all over the island during the summer months for our culture-loving travellers!

Beautiful Beaches

St George, Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and Mikri Vigla beaches offering lots of water sports and lively fun.

The beautiful tranquil beaches of Plaka, Orkos, and Aliko for those wishing to escape it all.